Bangladesh-German Technical Training Centre- BGTTC

বাংলাদেশ-জার্মান কারিগরি প্রশিক্ষণ কেন্দ্র

জনশক্তি কর্মসংস্থান ও প্রশিক্ষণ ব্যুরো, প্রবাসী কল্যাণ ও বৈদেশিক কর্মসংস্থান মন্ত্রণালয়

Update News:

Mst Fouzia Shahnaz (Principal)

It is my privilege to warmly welcome to Bangladesh-German Technical Training Center (BGTTC), Mirpur-2, Dhaka. It is an organization dedicated to quality Technical and Vocational Education and training activities for both local and overseas employment. Since its opening in 1965, the training center has gained a reputation in the country and abroad as a leader in the field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Currently the Korea International Co-operation Agency (KOICA) is rebuilding the center with the aim of developing this new skill and equipping it with international level training facilities so that it can continue to lead in TVET for the future.


Read our brochure and browse our website www.bttc.gov.bd. I believe you will find suitable courses for your career. As part of our ongoing process improvement, please give us feedback on how to improve our interface and usability.


I look forward to receiving your constructive comments

Best wishes